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Step into the vibrant world of Colorado’s wines with our Menu at Colorado Vintners. Each wine listed is a testament to the richness of our region, with offerings from our own winery alongside a curated selection from other esteemed local vineyards. From fragrant whites to full-bodied reds, each sip narrates the story of Colorado’s unique terroir and winemaking traditions. 

Discover the diverse palate of our state’s wine scene with our expertly curated Menu.

Cliff Dweller Wines


Escalante was the name of a Priest in Santa Fe New Mexico during the 1600’s. He wanted to establish a trade route between the Santa Fe Mission and the Mission in Monterey California. He and his expedition became lost in the canyons near Grand Junction, where they suffered some extreme hardships before giving up and returning to Santa Fe (never making it to Monterey). The folklore of the canyons prove the rugged terrain of the west can have a higher power, so we named this wine Escalante “Spirit of the Canyons”

Ghostdance Rosé

Ghostdance was created and inspired by a Native American ritual dance of the same name, which was performed by the Ute Indians who lived in this region (Western Colorado). It was a dance similar to the Rain Dance and Bear Dance, whose purpose was to summons the spirits in the after world to help fight in the Ute’s territorial battles.