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Colorado Vintner’s is a family owned winery located in Palisade, Colorado. Along with the wines produced on site, our tasting room showcases a curated selection of Colorado wines. The focus is to create an exceptional guest experience, while educating patrons on the unique terroir of Colorado and the emerging world class wines being produced from the region.

since 2020

Since 2020, Colorado Vintners has been more than just a winery; we’ve become a thriving hub for the Colorado wine community. We offer curated tasting experiences that blend exquisite flavors with rich stories of Colorado’s vineyards. Our tasting room serves not only our own wines, but it also showcases the diverse offerings of the state, providing a platform for other winemakers.

We welcome wine lovers of all levels, sharing our deep knowledge and hands-on experience in the art and science of winemaking. In this short span, we’ve fostered a community of wine enthusiasts, creating a tapestry of shared experiences and memories. At Colorado Vintners, we’re not just making wine, we’re crafting an immersive journey, one glass at a time.

wine tasting

Our wine tasting experience at Colorado Vintners transcends the traditional. Instead of standing at a bar, tasting various wines in quick succession, we’ve created an immersive experience for each guest. As you settle in, we offer you table service akin to a restaurant, complete with water and menus. The tasting flight guides you through four different wines, each poured individually.

As you savor each glass, we share the story behind the wine, explaining its label, discussing the winemaker, and the vineyards. This process is slow and intentional, allowing you ample time to appreciate each wine’s unique attributes and truly understand what you’re drinking. The experience concludes with an option to order a glass of your favorite wine from the tasting or purchase any bottles you wish to take home. To enhance the experience, we also offer food such as pizza and charcuterie, as well as a refreshing rosé slushy – a perfect treat in the valley’s heat.

gorgeous views

Our winery’s heartbeat is the terroir – a unique blend of soil, climate, water, and elevation that makes Palisade a distinctive wine-growing region. The Bookcliffs’ radiating warmth, the Colorado River’s water, and the protective ‘million-dollar wind’ from Debeque Canyon all contribute to an extended growing season. The cool nights and warm days, a result of the desert-mountain contrast, create an ideal environment for our Colorado wines.

Nestled amidst this rich terroir, our winery offers awe-inspiring views of the Bookcliffs, sunsets over Mount Garfield, and the charm of a neighboring railroad track. At Colorado Vintners, we offer not just a wine tasting, but an immersive journey into the core of Colorado’s wine country.

Intimate gatherings

Embrace the convivial charm of Colorado Vintners, nestled in the scenic heart of Palisade, Colorado. Ideal for an array of gatherings – from family reunions and friendly catch-ups, to corporate events, wine-tasting clubs, and bridal showers – our winery offers an exceptional backdrop for any occasion. Sip on our curated wines as you immerse in animated conversations, taste our gourmet pizzas and gluten-free charcuterie as you toast to good times, or unwind with a refreshing rosé slushy as you soak in the spectacular views of Mount Garfield and the nearby railroad track.
Whether you’re hosting an intimate celebration, a lively social event, or an educational journey into the world of local wines, Colorado Vintners harmonizes hospitality, culture, and natural beauty to create unforgettable moments. Join us at Colorado Vintners – your ultimate destination for memorable gatherings in the gem of Palisade.

Our Story

Every journey begins with a single step and ours commenced in the picturesque Napa Valley, California, back in 2009. It was there that a Colorado girl and an Australian winemaker, destined to be more than just co-workers, first crossed paths. Love blossomed amidst the vineyards and, as we began creating wines together, we also embarked on a shared adventure that took us across France, New Zealand, and Australia.
Eight fruitful years in Napa Valley were followed by a profound discovery that would redirect our path. We unearthed a hidden gem – Colorado’s untapped potential as a wine-growing region. The prospect of blending our passion for wine with our deep-seated love for Colorado’s mountainous lifestyle was irresistible.

In a quest to learn and acclimatize to the Colorado wine scene, Richard plunged into a role at Bookcliff Vineyards. The invaluable insight we gained during this time spurred us to make our dream a reality. Thus, in 2020, Colorado Vintners was born.

Our vision extended beyond simply establishing another winery. We envisaged a community-oriented space that would foster and celebrate the diversity of Colorado wine. We believe in the world-class quality of our region’s vineyards, and we are on a mission to share this secret with the world. Our aspiration is not just to sell wine, but to create a rich and enlightening wine experience. We’re driven by our passion to educate people about the different vineyards, varietals, and unique stories that make Colorado wines so special.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to serving as a hub for other winemakers. We realize that not everyone has the luxury of a brick-and-mortar tasting room in Palisade, and so we aim to provide these gifted individuals with a platform to showcase their creations. In essence, we are not just selling our own wines – we are elevating and promoting Colorado wine as a whole. At Colorado Vintners, we’re excited about the journey ahead and we invite you to join us in this extraordinary experience.